How We Empower Your Brand

You can get free professional product analysis and design solutions tailored to your needs.


After getting a quick sample confirmation, you will also confirm the first product to ensure complete fit of your requirements.


We arrange standardized and modernized production and inspection with a balance of automation and meticulous quality check.


Enjoy attentive logistics service, as we deliver products to you unharmed and quickly.


World-class Custom Service

We regularly launch new designs and styles and produce eyeglasses packaging using various eco-friendly materials, such as leather, all customizable to meet the needs of different markets, hence empowering your brand or store to attract more consumers.

Mould room
Sample room
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Models and Materials

Extra Various Product Selection

The Only One-Stop Packaging Solution You Need

After our careful research and thorough analysis of your consumer group, we can provide you with a full set of customized solutions for your eyeglasses packaging, making it easy for you to achieve one-stop customization of all your packaging products at TOPYOU without any hassles.

Eyewear case
eyewear case02
eyewear case01
Display tray
Display tray02
Display tray01
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Microfiber cleaning cloth02
Microfiber cleaning cloth01
Microfiber soft pouch
Microfiber soft pouch02
Microfiber soft pouch01
Cardboard box
cardboard box01
cardboard box02
Shopping bag
shopping bag02
shopping bag01
Guarantee card
Guarantee card01
Eyewear chain
Eyewear chain01
Eyewear chain02
Spray cleanser
Spray cleanser01
Jewelry box
Jewelry box02
Jewelry box01
Watch box
Watch box02
Watch box01
Set Packaging
Set Packaging02
Set Packaging01

Strong & Solid Support Behind Your Back

2 Hours Response Time

We promise that all your questions and quotations will be answered within 12 hours, providing you with a smoother, hassle-free purchasing experience.

Free Expert Guidance

Before mass production, our experts provide thorough analysis and recommendations on your product appearance, structure design, and functions to ensure your brand can make a lasting impact in the market.

Attentive After-sales Support

We have strict quality control procedures during the entire production process to ensure that the product qualification rate is over 95%. All shipped packaging has a one-year warranty and our attentive after-sales service can cover all your needs.

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